The irreverent Anna Dello Russo, with her plastic fantastic sensibility and penchant for everything-OTT, was always going to be a brilliant match for trashy yet savvy low-end retailer H&M. So we should have known that Anna announced her contribution that of course it would go far beyond merely slapping her name to something and instead becoming something adequately over-the-top. Since that announcement, a teaser trailer, rumours of a burgeoning electro music career and plenty of photo teasing has finally brought us to Fashion Shower, a somewhat bizarre, frequently hilarious video that encapsulates everything Anna.

We love Anna for her sense of humor, her absolutism approach to fashion a la King Karl, and her cheeky spirit. True to form, she prances and twirls her way through this almost 4-minute romp, mostly in ridiculous gold high heels. Purring her way through the lyrics, Dello Russo reminds us all why she’s our favorite wild card in the fashion elite and why she’s at her best when she embraces the crazy.

The collection, which incorporates plenty of jewels, gold and embellished everything is released in stores on October 4th, but until then, take inspiration from some of the best ‘lessons’ Anna has to offer:

“Fashion is always uncomfortable. When you get comfortable, you never get the look”

“It doesn’t matter the size of your body, fashion flatter everyone”

“Nothing succeed like excess”.

And with that, it’s time to drape on a coat (to wear as a dress, obvz), ladle up your arms with gold and get your claws out – something tells us this collection won’t stick around too long.