Quirky New York knit-wear designer, Lindsay Degen known for being a fashion industry provocateur, has launched her first Ready-to-Wear collection, Ask Tell.

The video, which showcases the collection, is a tribute to the designer’s kooky style, as models show off their hipster dance moves in slow mo, tempting us all to “do the Egyptian” alongside. Dressed in the colorful knits which define Degen, the clip is a tribute to individual style.

It’s a shame though that Degen who claims her brand “celebrates the human body as a work of art and encourages expression through garments,” chose to use a stick thin model for the clip.

All that aside, Degen’s designs are on the money. They’re colorful, accessible, and unique pieces, which anyone with an ounce of style would die to own. On the whole, Lindsay Degen has definitely aced her first Ready-to-Wear collection.