The lilth, in Jewish mythology, has been thought to be a female demon. Yes, demons. But perhaps it was a girl misunderstood.  Maybe the lilith was just a girl with a fierce attitude, wide eyes and striking clothes.  Well that’s what we choose to believe, maybe a little under the influence of this stunning independent fashion film Lilith from Ilaria Scarpa.

Scarpa is an independent filmmaker and photography student at the IED (Instituto Europeo di Design) in Rome, and is definitely succeeding at the whole self-produced take on the burgeoning fashion film.  The high contrasted images jump through jarred movement to create a strangely frenetically fuelled video.  And although the images are pristine, it’s almost like they’re hiding something—an unclear vision of who the girl really is.

The music is from Norwegian artist Susanne Sundfør, and is perfect for creating the state-of-mind and power of the film.  Like a work of photography, the black and white makes the images all the more striking and potent.