Bibhu Mohapatra has a keen eye for what the consumer wants. Holding a Master’s degree in economics before moving on to the Fashion Institute of Technology to study fashion design, Mohapatra worked as an assistant designer for the legendary label Halston, and subsequently was brought aboard the design team at J. Mendel where he helped revitalize the brand for a more youthful clientele.

Working under his own namesake, Bibhu Mohapatra is re-introducing himself to the fashion world, visualizing his Fall 2012 collection with a fashion film directed by Katie Fischer. The film, with its collection being a homage to the 20th century Chinese opera The White Haired Girl, is crisp and ethereal, though my only objection is that the seizure-inducing flash at the beginning (seemingly a trend adopted by many fashion and music video directors) isn’t necessary for such an elegant campaign’s amuse-bouche.

The focus of the lens is on the parting of perfectly wine-stained lips, a gasp of air, the bat of a pewter-dusted eye, and the theatrical crawl of the film’s siren, writhing in her own beauty and bewilderment. The model comes to as the beat kicks in by The Boom and The Slide, and she stands straight and struts forward in one sharp and structured crimson-touched ensemble after another. The incorporation of kaleidoscopic effects, a shattered pan across the model’s body and a frequent slow, distorted motion all add to the intoxicating sensuality Mohapatra seeks to dress us in this fall.