When entering a party, there is an unspoken understanding about inhabiting a space that essentially represents an orgy of individuality. Ultimately, in such an environment, this individuality is expressed through how we present ourselves; namely, what we choose to wear. That is why the setting of a party was a brilliant choice by director Marc Furmie (whose short film Dark Horse was an official selection for the Portable Film Festival in 2010) to showcase The Basics, the latest collection from Brent Wilson.

Chronicling a day in the life of a young artist (played by Johnny Diaz Nicolaidis) on his birthday, the film uses intimate perspectives and lens flare in a wonderfully understated and moving manner. Accompanied by music from Australian band Jason and the Lyrebird, the film’s climax depicts the protagonist letting go of his inhibitions, surrounded by his well-dressed friends in an alcohol-fuelled daze.

Entitled Eulogy For Winter, the film is a celebration of friendship, pleasure and stylistic elegance. It rolls more like a natural ode to youth and self-expression than a strict fashion film—and we can’t get enough.