If you’ve ever wondered if supermodels have existential crises — I have such a bangin’ body, but is this body really mine? — have a look at a new short film featuring Carmen Kass searching for the light (dressed exquisitely, of course). Ray of Life not only features the Estonian model killing it in Jay Ahr, but director Asa Mader‘s exploration of one woman’s seach for the source of light.

The film is currently showing as a 35 meter panoramic projection for the Firenze4Ever Film Festival, and while it looks and sounds great, it seems like it’s hard to get an atmospheric experience when you know it’s been created for holographic projection. In the piece, Carmen not only searches for the light, but is the light and all we can see. The light reflected off her clothes is sometimes the only source of light on her, and she is always dissolving into the light as if she is a part of it.

Paris-based Mader, who has worked with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Lou Dillon in the past, told Nowness that this search for light and illumination was founded from a theory that the entire universe is nothing but a holographic projection from a black hole — which perhaps explains the encapsulating blackness of the film.

“The film is essentially about immortalizing all the things we cannot reach — of looking and wanting to find a forever,” Mader explained.

This moody piece transposes light with blackness, and a sense of eternity in the distance.

via [nowness]