Model Anja Konstantinova does her best to squash the tired “cat lady” cliche that is oft-referenced when describing unkempt singles by holding herself up as a glamorous, alienesque model…who just happens to be obsessed with felines.

The slender blonde makes no bones about her kitty obsession, and gladly shows off her four cat-related tattoos for Australian label Stylestalker. Not only does she enjoy the solace found in the company of cats, she also believes herself to be part-cat, and most likely to have been a cat in a previous life. Er, so maybe some of those “crazy” cat lady stereotypes exist for a reason…

Either way, cats are known for being slinky and graceful while maintaining an element of agility. For Stylestalker’s ‘Baby’s On Fire’ Lookbook, Konstantinova mimics her best cat moves. For a portion of the shoot she’s accompanied by an adorable feline accomplice from whom she undoubtedly takes her cues, but the rest of it is straight-up Cats-lite.

Apart from the breezy, soft pieces from the collection, Konstantinova even dons a set of white cat ears and a spiked collar to really drive the comparison home. Her primitive poses border on silly as she mimics licking herself, but the playful unabashed homage to cats is sure to resonate with even the least fashion-friendly pet owner.