As a complement to information overload, Ukrainian designer Masha Reva takes the 21st century human experience one step further with design overload. Reva is intrigued with the human adaptation of consuming and digesting new information, both textually and visually. Her latest collection, “Merging”, revamps the outright gaudiness of the Renaissance period with a stoic model virtually lost in the aesthetic abyss of the designs surrounding her, and adds a creative twist with organic materials in her designs to incorporate an animalistic nature to certain images. It is within this artistic struggle of simultaneously going back to nature whilst moving towards the future that begs the question, “how shall we live a beautiful life?”

Merging represents a posture of our social “presence” (both online and off) in a world moving faster than we can fathom, and with more information than we can process. Consider it an elegant reflection of passive hoarding, with the collection’s model submerged in the technology of Reva’s fabrics and designs, much like ourselves, trapped in the quicksand that is every RSS feed, “like”, tweet, status update, blog post or news crawl. As a designer, Reva mediates this conundrum for us, layering the “information” that is the design and mass images within the fabrics against the human body, in effect aiding in a fashionable display of adaptation.

Although the recently graduated Reva is fresh to the fashion scene, she’s managed to secure an internship with Thakoon and Walter Van Beirendonck under her belt (an artistic dream for any fashion design student wishing to push the envelope), and Merging has no doubt placed Reva in the spotlight as the next designer to watch.