If there’s one brand making high fashion accessible for celebrity and the masses alike, it’s H&M.  Either with their super-persuasion skills or bundles of cash, the Swedish chain store has given the working class David Beckham’s undies and Versace. Now that Italian fashion house Marni is on the client list, they needed it to be more than just another high brow collaboration.  They already got Sofia Coppola on board to shoot the commercial in Marrakech, and now they just needed a few celebs to adorn themselves in Marni for H&M to make it that bit more lucrative.

Getting in way before the line goes on sale to everyone else on Thursday—get your sleeping bag ready—Drew Barrymore, Milla Jovovich and a small gang of models got to play dress-ups for the launch in LA.  Marni founder and designer Consuelo Castiglioni was on hand to give a little styling advice, as well.  The collection—which is very similar to the main line—plays with sophisticated psychedelic prints, jewel tones and, as always, a classic clash of textures.

The patterns, bold colours and a stylistic take on polka dots impressed Milla Jovovich.  “It’s definitely what Marni does best, which I think is really elegant, simple lines  and lots of incredible textures and colours and patterns all put together,” she said.  “Between the jewellery and the print, I mean it’s all different patterns but the way they put it together it’s almost like a mosaic, which I love.”

The video is courtesy of fashion TV documentary channel, State of Style.