The love affair between the two NYC kingpins of cool, Chloe Sevigny and Opening Ceremony, continues to grow in Where’s Bambi, a delightfully grungy video retrospective chronicling the highlights of their collaboration.

Sevigny enlisted the help of old friend and fellow New York local William Strobeck, and together they created a clip that’s more a casual conversation taped on home video than a self-indulged imagery. Never one to do things conventionally, Sevigny and Strobeck refuted the high couture fashion sensibility and instead preferred ‘bro-ing down’, as Strobeck put it, creating a playful look at some of the best of Sevigny’s designs whilst retaining that sense of humor we’ve come to love so much . “Smells like teen spirit” remarks Strobeck to Sevigny as she dons a downbeat cardigan in the immortalized style of Kurt Cobain.

With the rough grain of the video and the patchy editing style, the video is less fashion commercial, more art film – a fitting inclusion to the Opening Ceremony archives. By using vintage cameras from the 1980s combined with the contemporary editing programs, Strobeck managed to capture the essence of Sevigny’s collection; its symbiotic meshing of old and new, couture and popular.