Everyone’s favourite troubadour, Devendra Banhart, has loaned his body, his voice and his girlfriend (Rebecca Schwartz) to a new video for eyewear designer, Oliver Peoples. Along with his real-life girlfriend, Banhart is truly in the prime of his oh-so-attractive life. So much so, that director Lisa Eisner wanted to cast the pair as the real couple in the video in order to create “infatuated can’t-keep-your-hands-off-each-other moments”. Well, needless to say, she has succeeded., the finish product being somewhere between a showcase of Oliver Peoples’ work and an homage to the lovers’ relationship. It borders on being just a teensy bit NSFW though, so be warned.

Musically speaking, what you’re hearing is Banhart’s track Brindo, sung in his native Spanish (he was born in Venezuela) from his 2009 release, ‘What Will Be Will Be’. We’ve got a feeling that even the hardest of hearts will be set aflutter by this stud serenading softly in Spanish. When asked about what drew him to a project with a glasses designer, Banhart said: “The reason I agreed to do this stems from my love for American Psycho—they mention Oliver Peoples in American Psycho. I just want to make that clear. Also, of course, if you want to jump around with your girlfriend naked all day, why not?”. Why not indeed!

What you’re seeing here is Oliver Peoples’ 2011 collection, which claims to be nothing more than more “provocative” that what you might expect from the designers. Cryptic, perhaps, but if those glasses look half as good on regular people, we’re sold.

Devendra Banhart for Oliver Peoples’: melting hearts world-wide since 2011.