Writers block happens to the best of us. Your fingers scan the keyboard but the words just aren’t there. Luckily DVF knows how to get those creative juices flowing with this latest fashion short.

Directed by Gia Coppola, the short portrays a girl’s battle with her unwritten screenplay with the recognisable style and quirk of Diane von Furstenberg. Throughout the four minute clip, Coppola plays homage to a range of 1960′s Hollywood classics as a source of creative inspiration. These cinematic flashbacks are married beautifully to DVF’s sixties silhouettes and bold prints.

Unlike many fashion films, this short has a clear storyline for viewers to follow whilst showcasing the DVF clothes and stylings. DVF’s Current/Elliott collection is integrated so naturally you forget you are watching an editorial, but either way, her newest collection is just as chic as ever.

Lets all just cross our fingers and hope that next time we are staring at a blank word document faced with writers block, some charming boys will come along, drag us away from our desks and provide a night of drunken debauchery that will naturally lead to remarkable inspiration. If only.