Marc Jacobs apparel doesn’t particularly strike us as wild hunting gear, which is why choosing a golf course as the backdrop for a “hunting-style” promotional fashion video makes perfect (non)sense. These are not the clothes to really endanger oneself, or break limbs for. Marc Jacobs spells luxury and, quite frankly, some of the graceful maneuvers this male model makes to get himself dressed are nothing short of extravagant.

Whether he is stealthily diving for sunglasses on a perfectly manicured lawn or wrestling surrender out a pair of coated dark wash jeans, this may be the most hip fashion video ever to have been made on a golf course. The clothes might have been a little tricky to get a hold of, but homeboy managed to get himself fully dressed in an impressively short amount of time. We’re also equally impressed by the clothes’ affordability. Marc Jacobs, we love your creativity and off-the-wall approach to this video. Looking forward to the next one!