Take a trip down the rabbit hole with Icelandic designer Mundi Vondi, in this surreal film that premiered at Paris fashion week. Taking notes from Spike Milligan and Terry Gilliam the long (but totally worth it) video sees a young, beautiful witch-girl exploring wild terrain where she encounters some truly bizarre creatures. Inspired by cold and dark Icelandic fairy-tales, the film shows Vondi’s designs and some amazing costumes superbly against the dreamscapes that present themselves to the main character.

Mundi Vondi is somewhat an Icelandic prodigy, starting his career at age 17 studying ceramics, then moving onto Icelandic Academy of The Arts at age 18, in addition to finding a graphic design job and designing a knitted cover for the Icelandic phonebook! Some of his favourite directors include Takashi Miike and David Lynch who are masters of dark and surreal tales, making Mundi Vondi one to watch.