Australia’s original answer to Kate Moss, Emma Balfour, takes centre stage in the next instalment of RUSSH Magazine‘s unique series of fashion films to accompany their stunning editorials, this time by photographer Stephen Ward. Balfour, who at 39, returned to the runway for the Fall/Winter 2010 season in New York for heavyweights Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs, has made a subtle comeback into the fashion world which she walked away from at the height of her popularity as the infamous ‘face of heroin chic.’ Since the early ’90s Balfour has written poetry which has been likened to the genre defining short stories of Raymond Carver, and the RUSSH film combines Balfour’s natural beauty with the equally beautiful surroundings and a certain consciousness to her personality and innate sense of style, somewhat mimicking her softly spun words.

Balfour herself is effervescent, looking mysteriously ageless, with her dewy skin glistening in the dusky sunlight. Moreover, Balfour’s overall styling by Billie Iveson is a breath of fresh air compared to the highly stylised pieces filtering through editorials of late, opting for a mature, yet relatable wardrobe focusing on timeless staples that can be worked into any wardrobe for women of any shape, size or age. Almost Patti Smith-esque, the fusion of traditionally masculine pieces in delicate, feminine fabrics and vice versa, is highlighted by a muted color palette, which lends itself to blending into the rustic Australian landscape.