Are they models, basketball heroes or lizards? It’s delightfully hard to tell in Australian designer Emma Mulholland‘s latest fashion film. We’ve always loved the designs of that fantasy world down under, and Mulholland is our new favorite Aussie to hit the fashion circuit. With styles ready for Katy Perry’s next outing (Editor’s note: this is the biggest compliment I could possibly bestow upon anyone, so I hope you really appreciate the import of how fabulous Mulholland’s designs are), Mulholland rejects recession-time austerity to celebrate fashion the way it was supposed to be: bold, brash, glittery and vibrant.

In Mulholland’s SS12/13 film, directed by Portable favorite Alex Goddard, two models face off on a basketball court, slowly peeling of layers of the new collection like lizard skin, each turn revealing an outfit more daring than the next. Which lizard lady wins? Neither; this is Mulholland’s victory alone.