Dressed in Givenchy and Georg Jensen jewelry, Erin Wasson becomes a hero in Jenna Elizabeth‘s short film The Heimlich Maneuver. The model/designer/actress saves fellow model Lydia Carron‘s life after she swallows a Georg Jensen necklace in the Vs. Magazine exclusive clip.

The short film features both models sitting at a dinner table glamorously eating as very dramatic music plays in the background. As they eat their food, Carron begins to choke and signals to Wasson that she needs help. Slowly and gracefully, Wasson comes to the rescue, picks up the choking model and begins to frantically raise her friend into the air in a dance like fashion as she administers the Heimlich Maneuver.

When Carron is safe, Wasson places her on the floor, drags her, then sexually removes the Georg Jensen grape necklace that Carron was choking on and takes off with it. The hero becomes the criminal.

Watch The Heimlich Maneuver here.