Erin Wasson‘s style can be described as a mix between grunge and glamour. This same mix is one that also translates into her design collaborations and into some of her modeling gigs. In Lovecats, the latest campaign for clothing line OneTeaspoon, Wasson is equal parts adventurer and fashionista, as she explores the surroundings of a beach.

The video is pretty much focused on the clothes, as it offers many close ups of the jeans, shirts and dresses worn by the Australian model. OneTeaspoon’s designs are perfect for those who, like Wasson, are effortlessly cool, offering the essential pieces for the wardrobe of a rock goddess.

Shot through filtered light around the local haunts of Venice Beach, the campaign radiates in hipness with Wasson stripping down to her OneTeaspoon undergarments at the end of the film. Whoever said grunge was a thing of the 90s was clearly wrong.