You’d think that the longest part of a one minute fashion film would be the stylist umm-ing and ahh-ing about headpieces — yes or no? — or the time taken to spray an entire can of hairspray, or the model straining a muscle in her neck from all that hair flicking, right? Not when you involve water, it would seem.

Toronto-based filmmaker Jay Gaderre spent over eight hours perfecting the water shot shown at 00.40 during the shoot for “Escape Your Sentinels”. Apparently water screws up the whole hair and make up thing, and it’s pretty time consuming when you have to shoot it a couple of times.

Starring Alecsa Nelson, the film features structured dominant pieces that cover and veil her at times until she escapes — she tears off her tattered jumper and controls that rogue piece of sheer fabric. The piece was shot on a RED EPIC, so the fluid and very slow motion shots blend seamlessly and look incredible.

As for the water scene, the crew had to rig up the camera to 12 feet of scaffolding as to try and capture three focal planes at 3,000 frames per minute. Jay, who obviously loves a good climactic moment, has previously directed an ad for Emporio Armani, and says of the water scene:

“The water shot is a tribute to a scene from a film I saw when I was 9 years old. It had a fundamental artistic impact on me and I believe it is the reason I became a film director. It is the slow motion rocket scene in the opening of the brilliant and timeless film Koyaanisqatsi. The slow ‘reveal element’ in that rocket scene along with Philip Glass’s magic blows my mind to this day.