Bulgarian filmmaker Oggy Yordanov has built a steady reputation up from his stunning studio portfolio, but with one leap into the kaleidoscope wonderland of his new short film, it’s clear that film comes just as easily. Something of an artistic wunderkind, Yordanov has already seen his first book of photography published, participated in an exhibition at the prestigious Victoria & Albert museum in London, and had his work featured in London Fashion Week earlier this year.

Yordanov’s short is a fever dream of colour, shape and movement, with the underlying weirdness of a David Lynch film. Models jump closer and further away from the camera, abstract patterns break the screen into rotating sections, and beams of light and shape dance across the frame. That’s in the space of about 10 seconds. Even in our ADD internet age, Yordanov doesn’t just grab our attention, he manages to hold onto it firmly.

The real strength of the clip isn’t even in the clothes and models it shows off; it’s in the composition of the film itself. The ultra sharp editing, clever digital effects and eye-catching design all work together to bring us an excellent breakdown of the clothing imagery, and as a stand-alone narrative in it’s own right. Well played, Yordanov, well played.