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When fashion and technology converge within a garment we are often rewarded with something that has some tech sewn into it that lets passers-by know our latest status updates or some LEDs that represent the wearers mood. Albeit exciting from an exploratory point of view, this kind of experimentation is more likely to feature on rather than within our wardrobes. There have of course been exceptions especially in sports fashion, like the Nike+ items, but examples in everyday fashion have been far and few between.

It’s always interesting to see how the big fashion brands decide to use technology when delivering their fashion week shows to help enrich the clothes, and whether anybody will successfully make that transition to include tech within the collections themselves. As to be expected this year’s shows have continued where previous seasons have left off and attempted to make the clothes more accessible to customers through digital distribution and online experience. As well as mulitple live streams we’ve seen many brands trying to add a technological edge to their coverage, including Google + Hangouts backstage from the Rebecca Minkoff’s and Tibia’s shows, pre-show streams at Oscar De Le Renta and Marc Jacobs, as well as huge push with social media surrounding the shows in general.