A Monster Invasion from Lorenzo Papace on Vimeo.

French film-making rascals Lorenzo Papace and Vincent Pianina have created A Monster Invasion– a film which, at first glance, reads as a kind of dreamy, surreal, two-man example of Michel Gondry’s personality, ideals and career; Be Kind Rewind-style cardboard cut-outs, diorama-type visual effects and broken english abound.

A closer look, however, sees the pair mocking Scott Schuman (aka street style photographer the Sartorialist) in Garance Doré’s 2010 Fashion Week(s) chronicle A Month in Fashion.

A close shot-by-shot comparison on Papace and Pianina’s P&P Studio blog shows how the pair recreated images of black-clad fashion photographers with masses of black balloons, while shots of Milan traffic are cloned with scaled down shots of plastic toy cars racing around cardboard sets and rainbow lens flares are mimicked by dangling circles of coloured paper in front of the camera.