There’s really nothing quite like going into the wardrobe of a style icon and having a poke around, so we want to start this post with a standing ovation for StyleLikeU, who have ventured into the closet of the gorgeous Charlotte Kemp Muhl and childhood friend Eden Rice. The two girls are dreamy as a pair, talking passionately about creation, and the importance of daily inspiration.

Charlotte talks about her affinity for animals as she strokes a cute white bunny, and the girls reminisce about being young girls trifting night-gowns together. There’s a real sense of performance to Charlotte’s style, as she shows off her proclivity for Victorian era fashions, and a truly impressive archive of real vintage items. Similarly, Eden embraces “found” fashion, and the two girls, despite their means, seem to truly enjoy the process of discovery that comes with building a wardrobe, rather than simply clicking and entering a credit card number in an online boutique.

With interesting insights, including Charlotte’s love of nature (she wears necklaces made of cat bones) and an emotional revelation from Eden, this is one of StyleLikeU’s most intimate wardrobe trysts yet.