We’re excited to have fashion film wunderkind Gia Coppola presenting as keynote speaker at our Portable Curators Conference in New York City. We visited Gia in Los Angeles to catch up on her latest projects and find out where the future of fashion film is taking us. Chatting exclusively with CSS’ Lovefoxxx at the musician’s home for Portable, Gia is enigmatic but adorable, relaxed in her sun drenched natural environment, giving us a taste of what we can expect when she takes the lectern in September…

Portable: Fashion film is consistently on the rise. How important is fashion film for both promoting and defining a brand?

Gia Coppola: I think it is a cool sort of new way to show the clothes. You see the clothes in a different way. You get to see them moving and get to see a little personality that goes along with them. So much is also based on the Internet anyways so it’s sort how you can show your advertiser that. It’s fun for me as a filmmaker because it sort of gives me an opportunity to create a reel and stuff like that and it’s still pretty small, so they are very open to doing something a little different and creative and making it more of a narrative out of the advertisement. The Internet stuff is a new way to show stuff.

P: What are the main elements you look to bring together when you’re making a fashion film?

Gia Coppola: To have fun is the most important thing for me. And To learn something new. I went to school for photography so visually I feel very comfortable doing things, in terms of what sort of shots and stuff. The visual part is the easiest, but I feel like kind of coming up with the story and trying to put two things together and make it flow nice is sort of newer for me and harder to get comfortable with.

P: Where do you see the future of fashion film going?

Gia Coppola: I don’t know seems like it is becoming more of a thing; big directors are doing it for big fashion labels and so I hope to see more of it and I think it probably will go in that direction.

P: You have a very strong aesthetic; how do you reconcile this with the message of the designer?

Gia Coppola: I think when they show me the clothes I kind of have an idea that I am sort of wanting to be doing and kind of use the video as an opportunity to kind of run with it. It kind of just all comes together. The things that are around you and inspire you. [The Diane von Furstenberg video] was a fun video. That’s sort of the experience when you’re writing and feel stuck. Sometimes when you’re not thinking about it your ideas come to you. That idea was fun because it gave us a lot of ways to figure out how to show the clothes by giving us different scenes.