W Contributing Fashion Editor, Giovanna Battaglia, is terrifying at the best of times. Where fashion personalities like Carine Roitfeld (whose son, Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld is dating Giovanna), and Anna Dello Russo feel somewhat accessible, even as they pose for the likes of Tommy Ton and Scott Schulman outside fashion weeks, Giovanna exudes something that is just out of reach when her steely eyes are captured by street fashion photographers the world over. Perhaps it’s that she used to be a model; her beauty is overwhelming, from her dark features and sharp cheek bones to her delicate shoulders and stairway-to-heaven legs, which is synonymous with intimidation.

So you can imagine we were more than pleasantly surprised watching W‘s behind the scenes video of Giovanna at work. Joyful and irreverent, we finally saw a likeablity to the woman who we thought could freeze us with a simple stare. And it’s even more than that; Giovanna comes across so jovial and down-to-earth we sort of want to hang out with her. She seems genuinely grateful for the ability to work in her field and with the big names and publications she collaborates with around the world. As she giggles out her stories, enunciating everything with lively hand gestures, it’s hard to think of this as a calculated PR drive because she’s just so damn charismatic. Also, we love the printed shirt she’s wearing in some of the shots, and yeah, we’re sort of dying over those styling wardrobes. Just a little bit though.