The ever unique Glass Magazine have chosen to take a cinematic approach to their latest editorial, putting their model into motion through the lens of filmmaker Zaiba Jabbar. It’s an appropriately playful pairing of east meets west, with model Svieta Nemcova as their paper doll, pirouetting through bold shapes and strong lines; cut outs within the image itself.

With a background in graphic design, Jabbar has developed a keen eye for mixing layers in her music video and commercial work for creative notables such as ASOS and Vice, so it follows suit her fashion film endeavors would be equally bold. Glass Magazine is best personified as fun, friendly and fashion-savvy. Consequently the pairing suits both parties perfectly, and we get a trade-off between styles where a funky futurism meets childlike wonderment. The tune accompanying the clip tiptoes along as Svieta whistles, playfully holding a finger to her lips and twisting the 2d layers surrounding her.

Glass and Jabbar aren’t afraid to draw attention away from the clothes; their film is more an experiment into shape, form and color than the shameless show-ponying of generic fashion editorials. In that sense, it not only leaps from the page as the best images do, but runs over to you and punches your arm playfully. A little cheeky, a little sweet, and impossible to ignore.