It’s surprising that we don’t hear Justin Tranter’s name come up in fashion or in music more regularly; fashion icon, Kate Moss, is an avid buyer of Fetty,Tranter’s punk jewelry collection, and Lady Gaga has shared the stage with his band, Semi-Precious Weapons, more than once. So if you haven’t gotten a slice of his talents, this week StyleLikeU’s Closet series gives us all a needed dose of Tranter’s bold, 80s-like wardrobe and early inspirations.

Tranter’s style is best explained by one quote from his interview, “There is not much difference between stage and life.” Tranter’s  daily style replicates the iconic fashions that we saw on stage in the 80s, tattooed men rocking out to heavy metal in tight leather pants, black eye-make up and bold hair styles. Just like band members in ACDC and Guns N Roses (some of Tranter’s favorite bands) blurred the line of masculinity and feminity with their stage presence, Tranter’s favorite clothing pieces like purple camouflage leggings and glittery stilleto cowboy boots create a similar twist on the notions of gender.

His confidence in leather jackets, colored tights and Naomi Knight’s boots, garnished with blonde hair extensions, sets an energetic pace as we all start to slip into fall’s fashion. From February’s fashion week, we’ve already seen that this season’s fashions are a much brighter pallet of sweaters and scarves than the usual earthy tones of fall, and Tranter’s wardrobe knocks this season’s incorporation of color out cold, with much more than just a punch of color.

There wasn’t anything quite along the lines of Lady Gaga’s meat dress rotting in his closet, but the concept behind his music and style is very similar to the current Queen of Pop’s individuality and confidence and we can only imagine what would happen if a few ingredients from each person were made into one…

Mix one part Tranter clothing, like his colorful camoflauge tights by Jimmy Knehans and Justin Tranter, with two parts Tranter accessories, his Stuart Weitzman glitter boots and thrift store red fringe scarf, then two dashes of  Lady Gaga’s new perfume, Fame, and play “Born this Way” on repeat while the ingredients baked until firm, may be the perfect recipe to concoct the next Prince.