Fashion films are no longer a showcase of pretty clothes (if they ever were)—more and more they are becoming surrealist pieces of work. Hell, we wouldn’t have a clue what designers are being featured in this new one, Papercut, but it’s a great piece of work, which was posted by online fashion publication Let Them Eat Cake earlier this week.

Okay, so we don’t want to be all “inaccurate” and make you think there aren’t any clothes in this fashion film—there is in fact stuff from Acne, DVF, Balmain, Caitlin Power and David Jack. But our point was that we really liked watching this—not necessarily beause of the clothes. The film is the handiwork of British animator Rowena True, who has done some pretty nifty stuff including this Madonna animation for Dazed Digital and projects for Topshop, UK’s Channel 4 and London Fashion Week.

It while it really looks great, there’s just one thing that bothers us.  The film shares a distinct likeness to the work of illustrator Quentin Jones that made us stop and think, “Hang on, we think we’ve seen this somewhere before”. There is an especial elemental parallel between Papercut and Quentin’s Chanel Dancing piece that she created for—have a look and see if the use of folding paper, stop motion and geometric patterns tinkle a tiny bell.

[Photos via truelala]