Meet the eccentric designer continuing what Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester started: a Barcelona-based, German artist of Parisian descent, Boris Bidjan Saberi is described as modern goth, though he cites Bavarian hip-hop as his music of choice. A mash-up of influences and styles, his current experiments include transparent leather, sharp tailoring, loose knitwear, intricate draping and even pig-blood dyes.

The blood? Apparently fabrics are soaked, rinsed, painted and layered in the stuff. We imagine you’d smell like an abattoir but Jack Nicholson and Karl Lagerfeld both dig it. It’s organic, street, luxe and somewhat disturbing. Saberi presented his latest project ‘ELEVEN’ in Strassburgerstraße, Berlin.

Teaming up with young production company Zweieinhalb, the resulting showcase is a dilapidated garage adorned with hanging shoes and sheer skin jackets. The film, in collaboration with A Blog Curated By, shows the butcher’s-lair-meets-dance-off in all its dark glory.