Swedish model Jonaten Frenk looks like the archetypal 70s’ band hunk with shaggy hair falling into his eyes, accentuated only by the boyish grin plastered on his big, pouty lips. His looks are strikingly similar to those of a young Mick Jagger, circa 1965. This resemblance has earned him his place as the long-lashed face of rag & bone‘s latest collection for Mr. Porter.

The aesthetic goal for this collection is to fuse classic London style with the grit of New York streets. The founders of rag & bone themselves are New-York-via-London transplants, and the Rolling Stone was the perfect inspiration for this collaboration. Thick knit sweaters, herringbone trousers and basic plaid button-downs are all pieces from the line, the designs timeless enough that the model wearing them literally passes for a young Jagger.

Filmmaker Adam Humphreys decided to take this concept and expand on it, by meshing together clips of Frenk strolling city sidewalks with clips of Jagger being interviewed. The above video didn’t make it to the official site due to copyright issues, but it’s certainly still worth having a look. The clips are juxtaposed in such a way that it seems like Frenk is responding to the questions asked of Jagger. The editing is snappy and clever, and at times, it really is hard to tell who’s who.