New York based fashion photographer and filmmaker, Casey Brooks, explores tumultuous relationships in her latest fashion film I’m Not Yours for new kid on the block, UN:LIMITED Magazine‘s second issue, “The Selfish Issue”. Set to a haunting soundtrack by Australian brother/sister duo Angus and Julia Stone, models Henrie Olsson and Olga Boiko use extremely stylised movement to not only create an interesting and mysterious back story of a couple falling in and out of love, but to also showcase the garments in an unusual and engaging way.

Brooks explained to Portable, “the story comes from a time in my life that I wanted to be with someone I loved, but knew I couldn’t. A feeling I think a lot of people can relate to in one way or another.”

Through these choreographed movements, the viewer is able to see the intricate strict structures and more relaxed ebbs and flows of each individual piece. Styled for the gloomy northern Fall/Winter season by fashion director Sarah Perillo, high end, high street and cult pieces come to a head, from the likes of Duckie Brown, Florshiem, General Idea, Highland, Nicholas K, Verlaine, Danielle Kallymeyer, Barbara Briones, Nouveau, Rochambeau, Topman and Waldrip, and are mixed together to create a dark color palette focusing on heavy and luxe materials and the basic comfort they bring us.

The film, which is dedicated to the Found Movement Group, who Brooks thanks for “opening my eyes to the world of movement,” is ultimately a black and white study on the human condition explored through a more tangible and relatable aspect of everyday life; clothes and the way in which we wear them to express our personality.

Brooks told Portable, “the movement in this film is all choreographed pedestrian movement. Or movement that could occur in everyday life. My contemporary dance background has influenced the way I use musicality in both the movement and editing of all my films. I’m inspired by choreographers like Erica Sobol and Travis Wall to use even the smallest gesture to tell a story. Finding a way to translate this into fashion film has unlimited potential for story telling. I’m excited to see where it will go from here.” This exploration also highlights the overall presence of UN:LIMITED, whose aim as an ‘Interactive Fashion & Art Magazine, dedicated to the unlimited possibilities of Interactive Publishing’ is represented by the movement and boundary pushing ideas.