Agathe Snow‘s art is made from everything around her. In this StyleLikeU closet feature on the artist, Snow says she does not want to build onto the pile of objects we are all leaving behind. Instead, she prefers to build from already existing objects and create something new. Snow did not train as an artist, but instead got her start from friends and family and obtained inspiration for her art from the the happenings around her.

Her style can be described as eclectic and very do-it-yourself. Growing up in the island of Corsica, Snow explains that she did not start school until she was 11 and as far as clothing, there was not a wide access to fashion and stores, so through DIY people created their own style.

One of the most extraordinary clothing pieces in her closet and one that StyleLikeU said they coveted was her pair of blue jeans with pieces of colorful bandannas sewn into them. From the closet feature, it seems that Snow’s style today is still pretty much inspired by her childhood in Corsica, where originality was the key to not looking like a Ralph Lauren clone.