Last year Binki Shapiro was named one of New York’s most stylish by Time Out New York, so it was just a matter of time before StyleLikeU scouted the Little Joy vocalist for one of their closet interviews. The video was filmed in Shapiro’s L.A. apartment, and in it she discusses both her style and musical inspirations.

The interview starts off with Shapiro talking about a trip she took to Paris, and how this was the first time she traveled by herself. She explains that even though she had lonely nights, she had a great experience disconnecting herself from the world and having no Twitter or email. Traveling and moving around is something that Shapiro discusses a lot in her interview, moving from L.A. to Florida to New York and back to L.A. and how these moves affected her life.

Shapiro expresses herself fondly about her work in music and her passion for it. In the interview she talks about the formation of Little Joy and how it came after she mastered the guitar and became comfortable with sharing her writing. When it comes to personal style, Shapiro explains that since childhood she has always known what she likes in terms of fashion, and that it has never been anything wild or provocative. This style choice may explain why the singer cites Isabel Marant as one of her favorite designers and why her closet and style aesthetic appear minimalistic yet still fashionable.

(via: StylelikeU)