Devendra Banhart spent his time growing up in both L.A. and Venezuela. These two melting pots rendered any singular cultural references Banhart would have had virtually non-existent. When he was in Venezuela he felt American and when he was in LA he felt Venezuelan. This case of cultural mixture explains Banhart’s unique but fresh individuality as well as style. Seen through StyleLikeU‘s wardrobe-diving lens, the audience gets a glimpse into Banhart’s home.

He has a closet filled with sweaters, flannel and suits (his go to outfit choice), and his home is filled with various knickknacks including a vintage typewriter, keys, rings, toys, paint brushes, a record player, a guitar and stacks of books. This grocery list of items helps reveal Banhart’s personality. With a focus on his career in music, Banhart chooses suits to set a divider between his work and non-work life. He likes to cover his tattoos and thinks it’s important to know who made your clothing.

It seems as though his biggest interest in life is expression and once wore outrageously different outfits each day to see how others would treat him based on his exterior. Though he doesn’t necessarily like the music he makes, he likes making music and that simply is enough to get him into a suit every day.