Now that our Sunday nights have opened up following the season finale of Girls, the editors over at StyleLikeU are giving us one last fix with an interview outtake featuring screenwriter Lesley Arfin as well as a tour of Arfin’s closet.

Lesley Arfin speaks to StyleLikeU about becoming a successful writer, her imperfect body, and lends thoughtful insight with statements the likes of, “People are doing the 90s better now than in the 90s.” As StyleLikeU wades through a hodgepodge of tattered t-shirts, motorcycle boots from eBay and baby blankets, Arfin is unapologetic in her fashion sense, and boasts of her high threshold for embarrassment. Gaining a heightened level of maturity and comfort within her own skin, Arfin goes on to indulge us in her thoughts on sex:

“I didn’t start understanding how to have good sex until I was in my late 20s. So I’m always going to go for [sex scenes] being gross and ugly, because that is also fun too. Like in Girls, there is this awful guy, Adam, and his awful sex. But [Hannah] likes it and it’s okay that she likes it. And then one day she won’t like it and that’s okay too.”