New York based fashion label Vena Cava is all about the sophisticated quirk. In disguising function under the pretense of oh-so beautiful form, their collections are clever ballads of flattering shapes and modern colour inspired by everything from Apache tribes, Woodstock and the 80s.

Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai, the label’s hardworking designers, are extremely saavy when it comes to expanding their brand in ways conventional fashion labels wouldn’t dare to tread. In this short video produced by our friends at Refinery29, we see the girls operate in their own studio in downtown Soho, complete with piñatas and Sophie’s own attempts at in-house grafitti. Take a peek at the moodboards for their upcoming Spring collection. Gasp in awe over the pre-owned clothing stock for their new eBay store. Be surprised that they actually have their own spa line (with special Vena Cava hot stones). Smile over their amazing policy on staff birthdays spent in the workplace.

A far cry from the fashion industry’s often justified reputation of intimidating Lagerfeld-types and cold Wintours, the studio of Vena Cava is an inviting creative space driven by friendship, innovation and good old confetti.