Just as hypercolor t-shirts made 80s kids terrified of overheating in public, lest their t-shirts give them away with a palette of colored sweat stains, so too will a new fashion project let everyone know exactly how you feel.

Studio Roosegaarde‘s new dresses in their Intimacy 2.0 project don’t look too conspicuous—they’re like fancy sci-fi costumes, sure, but they wouldn’t be out of place on a red carpet—however, the leather, wireless technologies, copper, LEDs and smart “e-foils” used to construct them cause the opaque bands to become transparent according to the wearer’s heart rate and how closely they’re interacting with someone else. They’re like sexy mood rings.

Studio Roosegaarde are currently choosing which haute couture designers they’d like to develop the Intimacy technology into a range for men and women, so don’t be surprised if you see clothes disappearing before your eyes at fashion week next year.