If you, like us, are an avid follower of StyleLikeU you would notice that of late their seminal ‘Closet’ series has seen a shift away from the fashion-focused luminaries such as Tavi or Christian Joy and into a broader spectrum with publishers, designers and writers taking the forefront. The latest professional creative to get the StyleLikeU treatment is interior designer and blogger Athena Calderone.

Showcasing an incredible array of pieces across vintage, haute couture and costume pieces, it’s clear Calderones’ various flirtations with creative mediums like modeling, acting and design have all influenced her extensive wardrobe. “I’m a visual person – I love everything I see” Calderone admits, and if the sheer mass of visual inspiration she’s accumulated seems daunting, it’s clear she is no hoarder – everything is carefully curated to explore who Calderone is, whether it’s her mothers old coat, salvaged from the family home’s attic, antique Victorian dresses, or a one-off vintage pair of Dolce & Gabbana flares, Calderone has compiled a bone fide treasure trove of a wardrobe.