It is often hypothesized that those creatures that wandered the earth before the existence of human life will most likely stick around following our demise. Enter the stylish, dark humor of directors Adia Trischler and Andreas Waldschuetz as their collaborative film, Mr. and Mrs. Bug (Dream A Vacation), contributes an interesting sentiment to the zeitgeist of apocalyptic renditions.

Models Lorenz Krisai and Jana Wieland play Mr. and Mrs. Bug respectively, an emotionless, ashen couple navigating their desolate surroundings encased in exoskeletons designed by Andrea Cammarosano, with visions of being transported to another reality. The austere score by Richard Eigner of Ritornell orchestrates the ringing of ominous bells that suggest the drawing out of time, and objects strewn about are left to become re-appropriated for survival. In Trischler and Waldschuetz’s post-consumption world, the Mr. and Mrs. Bug that devastation left behind are literally left to their own devices, with objects that were once of valuable use now consuming the bodies of the environment’s inhabitants.