Music video and commercial director Julian Acosta films a beautiful video that shows a soft side to Jenni Kayne’s usually bold pieces. Though today’s society often encourages us to be surrounded by technology and people, this video captures the serenity of having some personal time and looking good, even if no one else sees you.

The video which is largely filmed in various natural scenes like water, desert and even the tundra, shows off the gentleness of Jenni Kayne’s clothing, light in textures like lace and linen. Kayne’s featured outfits give us a refreshing reminder of how simple it can be to express your elegance. Big jewelry and synthetic rich fabrics are not necessarily the best communicators of rich taste, especially in the swelter of summer.

Rather than using the model to forcibly show off the clothes, the model uses natural elements like wind and water for movement and this goes to great lengths to complement the organic fabrics featured in this collection of Kayne’s fashion.