Up and coming Melbourne label Jesen (pronounced ‘Yes-en’) have staked their claim on bridging the gap between casual everyday wear and the bold dramatics of haute couture. In their short time on the scene, their menswear collections stood out through their diverse assortment of gems; they’ve incorporated classic items such as elegant, delicate shirts and oversized parkas alongside turquoise printed jeans and fluro puffy jackets. In short, their collections provide both signature and daily wear for the discerning individual.

This induvidual is documented in cinema verite style in their latest video lookbook, for their upcoming Spring / Summer 2012-2013 collection. The Jesen induvidual, he of impeccable style yet casual cool, spends his day frolicking around with a similarly attractive girl-next-door in the backstreets of Melbourne.

Directors Jarred Osborn and Julian Lucas have crafted a homage to first crushes, teenage relationships and the lazy days spent on summer holidays when you had no plans but everything to do. Their video explores the teenage relationship in it’s all-consuming ways, and their model is the boy you always had a crush on but never got to know — a mystery, an outsider — until one day, it changed. And if he also happens to have amazing clothes, that’s just a bonus, because none of the boys we knew in high school would have had the guts to dress this well.