In a quiet street of inconspicuous and unmemorable properties, Julia deVille’s house/studio is an almost ominous landmark; with its huge, solid, wood door, old-fashioned bolt and deadlock, and human hand shaped knocker. It’s the kind of place you’d expect crows to circle and bones to be scattered. My mental image was half right.

Julia deVille is not for the faint hearted. A trained taxidermist and jeweller (the two areas frequently cross paths), deVille has long been a notable stand out in the Australian art world; particularly for her use of unorthodox materials, incredible skill and the often confronting thematic content of her work.

While a strict vegan-cum-taxidermist seems like a bit of an incompatible combination, deVille is a strong animal activist, and will only use animals that have died from natural causes. “My work has always had a subtle animal rights theme through it, but I felt that a dialogue was needed. You could look at it and get the exact opposite of what it means”.