When meeting a new person, it is common social practice to judge them by their actions, body language and overall deportment. Director/dancer/choreographer Celia Rowlson-Hall knows better: you should always judge them on their shoes.

In her newest offering after the wordless short film dance spectacular, Rowlson-Hall has made the film Goody! Two Shoes as an ode to the S/S 2012 footwear collection from Keller. Designed by Brooklyn-based Kelly Clark, Keller is a boutique fashion house creating clothing and footwear with a relaxed, subtle aesthetic. The onus is on the wearer to make it her own, and rather than be pushed around by short-lived trends and mass-produced garments.

If there was an award for Most Inventive Footwear Film, this would win it hands down. It celebrates one girl’s quest (well, one King Kong/Broadway performer/jungle animal’s quest) for the most lust-filled shoes she’s ever seen. Once again, Rowlson-Hall’s choreography is playful and clever. If only every fashion house didn’t take themselves so seriously and could have as much fun as this.

You can watch another short film from the Keller-Rowlson-Hall combination here.