Kelly Love is all about making the ladies look beautiful, and she is doing a terrific job of it. With more than a healthy dose of old world glamour, hand-painted prints and precise tailoring, her designs are a tribute to feminism without being too overly saturated with sweetness. There’s also a spoonful of folky attitude, and some dreamy moodiness added to the pot too. It’s a recipe for success.

And successful Kelly Love has been; more than ever in her latest collection which has continued to gain attention from celebrities, magazines and bloggers alike; all of which have fallen head over heels for the floral silks and Russian-love-story jumpsuits.

Kelly clearly cares about what she does, and it shows. The clean lines and subtle details are down to the label being a serious labor of love. Portable spoke to the designer about being an Australian in London, her appreciation for Japanese & Parisian fashion and her what’s next for Kelly Love.