New York photographer, film maker and all-round creative impresario Jai Lennard is deconstructing everything you know about contemporary fashion and the modern ‘it girl’ and restructuring old ideals in such a way that is fraught with ambiguity and subversive intonation. His latest project features DNA‘s Kirby Kenny, one half of the modelling twin sister team (Ann Kenny is equally sought-after) that turned runways across New York inside out, and was subsequently named one of’s Top 10 Models for the fall season.

A favourite of Marc Jacbos, Kenny’s sparkling blue doe eyes, milky skin and cupid’s bow pout are mesmerising in a way that’s not enirely like the other girls whose alienesque features have recently come into fashion. Kenny, with her gold locks, statuesque physique and piercing gaze harks back to the days of the 80s California girl while still retaining a contemporary twist—a certain girlish enigma that is so rare amongst the skeletal frames, hollow cheeks and sallow skin that has pervaded in fashion over the past 10 or so years.

Now, Kirby Kenny is launching onto the scene with the help of a new film by the master of mystery and subtle perversions. Lennard’s vivid imagination sees Kenny awakened in some eerie dream-like scenario, alone in a stark white room wearing nothing but a lace onesie with a lace mask obscuring her face. We watch her confusion, her attempts to break out, and finally the creepy figure watching her from behind a panel of one way glass. Eventually, the mystery male figure forces Kenny into a red neglige and onto a treadmill, and we watch his lasciviously curling lip as he watches her running, running, always running. Set to music from Matthew Dear‘s latest album ‘Black City’, the video is terrifyingly sexy, and Kenny is seductively captivating in her role as reluctant prisoner.