Trust DIS Magazine to make the monotonous look amazing yet also thought provokingly hilarious. Commissioned by current designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Opening Ceremony coolness, DIS’ take on Kenzo‘s Fall/Winter 2012 menswear collection is a tongue in cheek representation of the current trend of using ‘vintage’ stock footage of well, not very interesting things. The multimedia art magazine shys away from the overused, ‘vintage,’ lo-fi imagery of late, instead opting for crisp, stark techniques as the basis for their social commentary of recent fashion film, aptly named Watermarked.

The collection itself is a modern interpretation of classic office wear focusing on Kenzo’s generation defining art form of East meets West fashion fusion. Through using daily tasks such as reading a newspaper, drinking coffee, shaking hands, waving or an awkward hug to highlight their point, the Japanese label’s garments actually end up coming off as the hero, rather than overworked production and editing techniques. Each piece of the latest collection’s intricacies is the focus, from the iconic prints, meticulous structure, crisp tailoring and covetable accessories. Furthermore, using these daily ‘stock’ movements adds an element of global understanding and accessibility to the garments and their ready-to-wear qualities.