Sequin body suits and silver leather pants are uniforms for Lady Starlight. The DJ/performance artist in her StyleLikeU interview starts off by saying that she gets her passion for fashion from her passion for music. This passion for music she attributes to her father who introduced her to Tom Petty and brought her up on records. As a performance artist and go-go dancer, Lady Starlight says that she was always go-go dancing, but was doing it in crowds until she realized she needed her own space.

From go-go dancing Lady Starlight got interested in 70s glam, where she found that without a 70s glam movement present she would have to start her own parties and DJ her own music. She has never been one for fitting in, claiming that in high school she shaved her head and often tells people she is from the future. Starlight says she often lives in another realm, and as a feminist thinks it is interesting “to make a feminine look out of a masculine inspiration.”

If you Google Lady Starlight, the first thing that will come up on the search results is her friendship and work with Lady Gaga. In the StyleLikeU interview, there is no talk of the self-proclaimed “Mother Monster,” but like her friend, Lady Starlight enjoys taking risks with fashion. However, unlike Gaga, Starlight says that, “Celebrity is very unappealing to me… The more celebrity you have, the more removed you are.” With her audience, Starlight wants to create a genuine experience and for them to have as much freedom and confidence to express themselves as she does, claiming that, “If everything is the same, nothing is special.”