The new Winter 2012 Ad campaign for french fashion house Lanvin doesn’t feature supermodels, celebrities or glorified reality stars, it’s just everyday weirdos like you and I.

That effervescent playfulness present in Lanvin’s collections is strangely perfect when combined with the eccentricities of the subjects of the film, who chatter to the camera about topics spanning dancing, blueberries and a tedious sounding boy band (our bets on One Direction). By selecting such a colorful range of ‘models’, young and old, glamorous and everyday, male and female, Lanvin finally gets a chance to show it can be wearable for people who aren’t Anna Wintour, Carey Mulligan or Michelle Obama.

It may seem like a strange move for such a highly stylized fashion house, but the low key shooting style and lighthearted nature of the clip makes it work, just like the combination of a floor length fur hemmed coat paired with baggy denim. Lanvin aren’t afraid to try new things, and under the lens of fashion’s favorite cinematographer, Stephen Meisel, their actors shine, looking comfortable and confident in their clothes. Instead of an army of indistinguishable models with every hair meticulously in place, Lanvin celebrate the everyday of individual style; watching how comfortable the actors are onscreen, you actually get the feeling they may have chosen their own clothes.

Whilst it may not be as stylized as some of the other Winter campaigns we’ve seen so far such as Prada, Miu Miu or Alexander McQueen, it’s a refreshing break from the intensity of the fantasy worlds that have permeated most of the videos. By refusing to take themselves too seriously, Lanvin have suddenly become one of the more accessible labels, with clothes you can actually see yourself wearing; just maybe not with baggy jeans.