Andy Henson‘s eponymous jewelry line is, as far as inanimate objects can be, simply enigmatic. Industrial yet organic, Henson’s work wears its handmade sensibility proudly; born from the ground and manipulated at the hand of man, each piece seems to have a story. Fitting then, that Henson travelled to South Africa to shoot stills and a campagin video for his collection, “Enta”. In the long grasses of a truly picturesque location, his characters walk like ancient ghosts, a beautiful homage to the history of the land…

Where: Cape Town, South Africa

What: Short film and Still Campaign for a part of our ‘Enta’ collection.

How:I was en route to cape town for a family visit , and was chatting to my friend Michael (the director) about how cool it would be to do a shoot in South Africa. he mentioned this old abandoned quarry at the foot of table mountain that he had stumbled upon one day and it just sounded too good to be true.

Why: The idea for the shoot was to create another world for our subjects to exist in. This location was so perfect. It had a small lake, a cliff, wild grass and dead trees and an old tunnel network, AND it was completely secluded and almost hidden.
It was all in a massive hole at the bottom of an iconic mountain. Although you dont see much of the mountain i think you can really feel it in the images, it is very powerful.