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In honor of the release of Disney’s whimsical classic Cinderella on Blu Ray and DVD this fall, the purveyor of all things glamorous, bedazzled and excruciatingly painful, Christian Louboutin, announced last week that he will be designing a special edition recreation of the fairytale’s famous glass slipper. Yes, you read that right folks. Christian Louboutin has somehow found a way to make those gorgeous torture devices even more tortuous with the addition of the living-on-the-edge possibility of wedging a shard of glass into your pedicured heel.

Sarcasm aside, it’s likely that these blister-inducers will be an absolute work of art. Afterall, Louboutin is the creative mind behind some of the world’s most exquisite footwear, and has single-handedly made the red sole of a symbol of power and prestige among those with and without fashionable inclinations. I’m sure the secret password to get into Hogwarts will be hand-etched onto the slippers by Tinkerbell. Because they are magical. Get it?

This renaissance of the classic fairytale accessory got us reminiscing over other famous shoe-movie moments, and what designers might choose to revive them today? Here’s a few of our favorites.